International Conference "Water Management and Water Rights

2. – 4. September 2019 in Lorsch/Bergstraße


Contesting Water Management and Water Rights. From the End of Antiquity to Industrialization

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Read the press review (only available in German) on the conference hosted by Dr. Michele Campopiano and Prof. Gerrit Jasper Schenk, TU Darmstadt, Middle Ages Section and the public lecture

of Prof. Schenk “Lorsch und das Wasser” (only available in German).

When a resource can be deployed for several different uses, conflicts may arise and the conflictual parties may try to secure property rights in order to reach their specific objective. The conference addressed the period between approx. 600 and the 19. Century.

Of particular interest was to examine conflicts arising from differences in social organization and settlement structures, such as the conflict between city and countryside in the history of Europe: the conference is, however, open to discuss all forms of water-related conflicts arising from socio-geographic complexity, also outside of Europe.

For more information to Anita Schilz, administrative assistant Middle Ages Section.