Chair in Modern Urban and Environmental History

The chair conducts research and teaches courses in Modern History from the 16th to the 20th century with a special focus on Urban and Environmental History.

In our research, the development of the relationship between humans and nature does not stand in opposition to the history of cities. Rather, we understand both fields of specialization as relating to each other. With our research projects we cover several issues at the interface of Urban and Environmental History: the history of electricity and water infrastructures, urban planning and sustainable development, and the representation and "materiality" of both cities and nature. In this, we do not only collaborate with scholars from all over the world, but also cooperate heavily with colleagues from other disciplines. As we value teaching our courses in close relation to research, we devise our classes with current debates and issues within the field of Urban and Environmental History in view.



Summer 2018

Reading the City - Classic Texts on the City and Urbanization (Prof. Dr. Dieter Schott)
Thursday 9:50-11:30, S103/109, Start: 12.04.18



New Publications

Dieter Schott, Christof Dipper, Manfred Efinger und Isabel Schmidt (eds.): Epochenschwelle in der Wissenschaft. Beiträge zu 140 Jahren TH/TU Darmstadt, Darmstadt 2017.

Dieter Schott, Jens Ivo Engels, Nina Janich und Jochen Monstadt (eds.): Nachhaltige Stadtentwicklung. Infrastukturen, Akteure, Diskurse , Frankfurt a. M. 2017.

Dieter Schott, Martin Knoll und Uwe Lübken (eds.): Rivers lost – Rivers regained. Rethinking City-River Relationships, Pittsburgh 2017.

Dieter Schott, Martin Baumeister and Bruno Bonomo (eds.): Cities Contested. Urban Politics, Heritage, and Social Movements in Italy and West Germany in the 1970s, Frankfurt am Main 2017.

Sebastian Haumann and Nora Thorade (eds.): Rohstoffräume / Sites of Resource Extraction (=Jahrbuch für Wirtschaftsgeschichte 57/1), 2016.
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Christoph Bernhardt: Im Spiegel des Wassers. Eine transnationale Umweltgeschichte des Oberrheins (1800-2000), Köln 2016.
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Dieter Schott (ed.): Stadt und Infrastruktur (= Informationen zur modernen Stadtgeschichte 2015/1).
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Sebastian Haumann et al. (eds.): Community Spaces. Conception, Appropriation, Identity, Berlin 2015.

Chair in Modern Urban and Environmental History
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