History of Technology


In October 2017 Professor Hård will set up a new research project "A Global History of Technology, 1850-2000." The project is generously financed by the European Research Council (ERC); More information here...

About us:

We are living in an era in which technology cannot be reduced to a number of individual arfifacts and machines. Rather, technology has become a formative cultural feature of our society. Therefore, historical knowledge about the course of technological development, its conditions and side effects becomes an indispensable element if we want to orient ourselves in the modern, globalized world.

Modern history of technology does not primarily deal with inventors and innovation processes, but above all with the cultural, social, political and economic aspects of material culture.

Key subjects are:

  • the global history of technology
  • history of urban infrastructures, e.g., in African cities
  • the mechanization of everyday life and leisure
  • the history of energy and landscape
  • utopias and visions of technical developments
  • technology debates and protest movements

Archiv Basler Mission, Ref. Nr. QU-30.016.0041, The hall for spinning and reeling in the weaving works in Cannanore, picture detail.


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