Our research is particularly concerned with corruption and patronage, environmental history, history of infrastructures as well as European history since the 18th century with a particular focus on Germany and France.

In our research we are particularly interested in

Corruption and patronage

Environmental history

History of infrastructures

European history since the 18th century with a focus on Germany and France

In teaching we offer courses on the three periods of Modern European History:

Early Modern History (16th to 18th century),

Modern History (19th to early 20th century) and

Contemporary History (20th century).

Our courses offer students either an overview of the given period or an in depth-analysis of key characteristics of historical developments. The geographical focus of our teaching is on German, French and British history.

DFG/ANR-Projekt “HISTRANS: Historie der Transparenz. Sichtbarmachung von Politik in Deutschland und Frankreich 1890-1990/ Histoire de la Transparence. La politique rendue visible : Allemagne et France, 1890-1990”

GDRI “Politique et corruption: histoire et sociologie comparées à l'époque contemporaine

DFG-Research Training Group “Kritische Infrastrukturen: Konstruktion, Funktionskrisen und Schutz in Städten” (GRK 2222)

DFG/ANR-Project “Korruption in der Moderne(engl.: Corruption in Modern History)” (POC/K 1 und POC/K 2) (2011-2018)

DFG-Project “Bürgerschaftliches Engagement” (engl.: Civil engagement), Research Group “Nachhaltige Entwicklung von Städten” (engl.: Sustainable development of cities), Technische Universität Darmstadt (2012-2016)

DFG-Project “Korruptionskommunikation in Deutschland, Großbritannien und Frankreich, 1750-1890” (Corruption communication in Germany, Great Britain and France, 1750-1890), Technische Universität Darmstadt (2008-2011)

DFG-Project “Waldsterben”(engl.: Dying Forest), Universität Freiburg (2006-2012)