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Why it is useful to study history at TU Darmstadt

2022/05/20 by

Finally back: The career orientation fair Hobit took place in presence again. The Institute of History of the TU Darmstadt presented itself in Karo5 together with the Department 02. Pupils could ask why it is worthwhile to study history.

Students learning about the possibilities of studying history at TU Darmstadt

Especially in the first hours, there was a big rush. Students from Darmstadt and the surrounding area lined up for a talk about studying history at TU Darmstadt . In addition to those interested in becoming teachers, many students were also interested in the bachelor's degree in "History with a focus on modern history " and the joint bachelor's degree. As a second subject, students can choose other subjects from the Department 02 and combine them with history. Accordingly, it was great that the Department 02 presented itself together in Karo5 and informed about its study offers. Intensive discussions as shown in the photo led to a more profound choice of studies for the students. They were able to get an idea of why it is worthwhile to study history, e.g. for analytical thinking in temporal contexts or an understanding of the present as currently in the war over Ukraine. But they were also informed about job opportunities with a history degree from TU Darmstadt .