Section of Ancient History

The field of Ancient History is dedicated to the exploration and teaching of the fascinating history of ancient civilizations, from the earliest cultures of the Orient to the late antique world of the Roman Empire. With an interdisciplinary approach, we investigate the political, social, cultural, and scientific developments that laid the foundations of our modern world.

As part of the TU Darmstadt, we take pride in bridging the humanities with technical and scientific aspects. This intersection provides unique perspectives on Ancient History and underscores its relevance to the present day.

We cordially invite you to explore our website to learn more about our research projects, teaching offerings, and activities. Our field is committed to conveying valuable insights into antiquity while fostering a dialogue on its significance for the contemporary world.

Research Colloquium Winter Term 2023/24

The colloquium takes place on tuesdays, 4:15 p.m. in S1|02, 34.



Jonas Langer, M.A. (Darmstadt)

„(Keine) Zeit für Kompromisse? Handlungsspielräume in Verfahren der Entscheidungsfindung der athenischen ekklesía“


Dr. Christopher De Lisle (Durham/Heidelberg):

„Crystallising Initiation: Athenian ephebic inscriptions.“


Anna Wolschendorf (Darmstadt)

„Die römischen Vestalinnen – Fehlverhalten und Bestrafungen“


Giuseppe Santangelo (Mainz)

„Die Erforschung der ländlichen Besiedlung im römischen Rheinhessen: kritische Punkte und neue Ansätze“