To find out more about the do's and don'ts during your first weeks in Darmstadt, you will require a fair amount of German language proficiency, as the info websites are mainly in German. In case of questions, please contact our student advisor, Dr. Detlev Mares (see contact button on the right).

To all freshers,

Follow the link to watch the welcome video of the TU president Tanja Brühl and the vice president Heribert Warzecha…

More information for freshers

Start smart!

Getting started at TU Darmstadt: Academic Organisation and semester dates

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What to do in freshers' week?

  • Visit the orientation event of the Institute of History
  • Download the Online Orientation App
  • Register with TUCaN and moodle
  • Register for classes
  • Read the study regulations
  • Meet other students
  • Get to know your mentor (after the orientation event)

Julius Kaiser,
Former students' representative

Being part of different committees, the students' representatives feed-back directly to academic staff on study issues, contributing to maintain the TU commitment to assure its education standards and protection of student welfare.

Picture: J.K.