In our work, the exploration of historical human-nature relationships is not in contrast to the exploration of urban history. Rather, we understand the two focal points of the section as two complementary and mutually influential fields of research. Our research projects cover numerous topics from this spectrum: the history of urban infrastructures such as electricity and water supply, the planning of cities and their sustainable development, and the representation and "materiality" of city and nature. The work on the projects of our section is not only carried out in active exchange with colleagues from other universities worldwide, but also together with researchers from other disciplines. Since we attach importance to research-oriented teaching, we also design our courses according to current topics and questions of urban and environmental history.

Current courses in summer term 2020:

Lecture: Introduction into Urban-Environmental History

Wednesdays 18.05-19.45, S103/221, Start: 22.04.2020

Seminar: Salt of the Earth. A Business and Environmental History of the German Kali Industry

Thursdays on following dates:

30.04.2020, 14.25 – 17.45, S422/3

14.05.2020, 14.25 – 17.45, S422/3

28.05.2020, 14.25 – 17.45, S422/3

04.06.2020, 14.25 – 17.45, S422/3

18.06.2020, 14.25 – 17.45, S422/3

09.07.2020, 14.25 – 17.45, S422/3

Reading course. History of Substance

Tuesdays, 11.40-13.20, S 422/9, Start: 21.04.2020

Advanced seminar: Modern History/Technial History (with Prof. Dr. Martina Hessler)

Tuesdays, 16.15-17.55, S 422/5, Start: 21.04.2020

Please download HERE (will following) the programm of the seminar.