Emmy Noether Research Group

“Co-constructions of Learning and Technology. On the transformation of ”learning subjects“ in the 20th century” by Dr. Kevin Liggieri

2022/02/22 by

We are pleased to announce that the Emmy Noether Research Group on “Co-constructions of Learning and Technology. On the Transformation of ”Learning Subjects“ in the 20th Century” has been approved by the DFG.

Starting in the fall of 2022, the research group led by Kevin Liggieri will examine the exciting connection between “learning” and “technology”. The focus will be on the the possibilities of the digitalization of learning and machine learning. This will be done on the basis of three interrelated levels of analysis that are central to the field of learning: “subject,” “environment,” and “gender.” The focus here is on techniques of programmed learning, learning in virtual environments, and self-learning machines (cf. Fig. in the headline).

Personalbild von Kevin Liggieri