Darmstädter Diskussionen
Interdisciplinary conference for PhD students and Post-docs

The growing popularity of the conference Darmstädter Diskussionen over the last few years has highlighted the importance of an academic event specifically designed for highly qualified young researchers.

Contrasting conferences with a strict thematic or chronological avenue, the conference Darmstädter Diskussionen deliberately pursues an interdisciplinary and diachronic framework not only to provide young scholars with a platform to discuss their research appropriately and to build up their own networks but also to facilitate general intra- and interdisciplinary communication in Classical Studies. Participants will find ample room for the exchange of knowledge within their own peer group and beyond.

Qualified PhD students and Post-docs in the fields of Classics and Archaeology are invited to present their latest research results. Presentations will embrace research on the languages and literature, history, civilization, art, and archaeology of the ancient world, placing strong emphasis on aspects such as archaeological fieldwork, philology, theory and material approaches.

The official language of the conference is German. However, presentations in English will also be accepted.