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Please note when handing in your research assignment:

As the offices of the Institute of History are not continuously staffed, it is not always possible to hand in the research assignment in person at the Institute. Please use the FB02 mailbox in building S3|13 in front of the caretaker's office on the mezzanine floor or the mailbox in the Institute of History, building S3|12, 4th floor in front of room 405. Alternatively, we advise you to use the letter post or hand in your term papers personally at the main gate of the old main building S1|03, Hochschulstr. 1 (in a sealed and correctly addressed envelope).

Please point out to the staff at the gate that it is a research assignment. The time and date of receipt will be noted and stamped on the envelope and the paper will be forwarded accordingly. Thank you very much.

The general regulations for examinations (opens in new tab) can be found on the webpage of the Department of History and Social Sciences.

The Aretin Award : every year, the Institute of History awards up to three prizes with the purpose of rewarding and encouraging outstanding final theses.

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For more information, please visit the departmental students' representative committee, the Fachschaft (only in German).

For general information on all questions concerning the history study programmes, please contact the student advisor Dr. Detlev Mares .

Before submitting your essays and theses, please fill in a formal statement confirming the authenticity of your work: Formal statement .

For style-sheets and regulations for seminar papers and final theses, see the formal requirements for seminar papers and final theses at the Institute of History.

See German version.

Please refer to the Centre of Teacher Education (in German) and our general information about the First State Examination (in German).

In the TU-Online-Writing-Lab for students you find our pdf-instructions for how to compose your own writing.

Some study programmes require an internship. For detailed information, see Internship

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The Examination Board is in charge of enforcing examination rules and regulations. It manages credit validation procedures and placement tests and approves examination schedules. For detailed information, see Examination board .

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Please ask your lecturer for the formal guidelines. Find the current regulations in the section History of the Middle Ages online.

Check out the different style sheets (only in German), depending on the course attended.