View from the Mount of Olives to the Old City of Jerusalem with the Dome of the Rock, Israel Excursion 2015

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In Memoriam Prof. Dr. Helmut Castritius

The Evenarí Forum mourns the loss of its long-standing member, Prof. Dr. Helmut Castritius.


Lecture by Dr. Larissa Aronin, Assc. Prof. Oranim Academic College of Education, Tivon, Israel:

on 6/18/2019 / 6:05 – 7:45 p.m. --- S103|23:

The Languages of Israel

The lecture deals with the current linguistic situation in Israel, the land of rich historical traditions and bustling mix of cultures.

The focus of the lecture is on the diversity of languages and the ways individuals and communities navigate in this highly multilingual setting. How many and which languages are in daily use? Who speaks, forgets and revives them? What was the „war of the languages“ in 1913 at the Technion about? Is German spoken in Israel? Is it allowed to speak Amharic? Do Israelis speak Hebrew or Israelite? How are the language policies in the country related to its linguistic reality? These and other questions will be answered in the lecture.

Israel Excursion

To our great regret, the Israel excursion planned for this year cannot take place. The planning for an Israel excursion 2020/2021 has already begun.

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Evenarí Lecture Series

The lecture series in the coming winter semester is entitled “Exile” and will take place on Mondays from 18:05 – 19:45 in Room S 1|03 123. You can view the program here (opens in new tab) .

Further information on this and past lecture series can be found here .