The Evenarí Forum for German-Jewish Studies at the TU Darmstadt

In the summer semester 2001 the "Evenarí Forum for German-Jewish Studies: Engineering Sciences, Natural Sciences, Historical and Cultural Studies" was constituted as an academic, interdisciplinary initiative of members of the TU Darmstadt. One of the main activities of the forum is the regular organization of a lecture series in the winter semester and excursions to Israel.

Stolperstein für Michael Evenari vor dem Botanischen Institut der TU Darmstadt
Picture: K. Fischer

Prof. Michael Evenarí

born on 9.10.1904 in Metz as Walter Schwarz. After studying botany and obtaining his doctorate in Frankfurt, he moved to the Botanical Institute of the Technical University of Darmstadt. There his habilitation procedure was not completed: after he had given his trial lecture in February 1933, he was dismissed without notice as a Jew on April 1, 1933. He immediately decided to emigrate and left Darmstadt and Germany.