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International Bridges Group:

After three successful conferences in London, Prague and Salisbury, the meeting of the International Bridges Group in 2018 took place in Regensburg (24–26 August). The partners of the conference were the Chair of European History at Regensburg University, the Chair of Medieval History at the Technical University of Darmstadt and the Research Training Group KRITIS at the Technical University of Darmstadt. Read more

G.J. Schenk (Ed.): Historical Disaster Experiences. Towards a Comparative and Transcultural History of Disasters Across Asia and Europe (Transcultural Research – Heidelberg Studies on Asia and Europe in a Global Context), Heidelberg 2017.

  • Presents the first study on historical disaster experiences across Europe, the Near East and Asia in pre-industrial societies
  • Focuses on long-term processes for dealing with natural disasters and on cultural learning
  • Offers transcultural perspectives on historical disaster research

Historical disaster research is still a young field. This book discusses the experiences different cultures, from Europe across the Near East to Asia, have of natural disasters. It focuses on the pre-industrial era and on the question of similarities, differences and transcultural dynamics in the cultural handling of natural disasters. Which long- lasting cultural patterns of perception, interpretation and handling of disasters can be determined? Have specific types of disasters changed the affected societies? What have people learned from disasters and what not? What adaptation and coping strategies existed? Which natural, societal and economic parameters play a part? The book not only reveals the historical depth of present practices, but also reveals possible comparisons that show globalization processes, entanglements and exchanges of ideas and practices in pre-modern times.