How the concept and meaning of work changes in the context of digitization is, among others, a central research focus of our team currently. The projects have different perspectives. Nora Thorade analyzes engineering concepts of factory settings in the context of computerization and digitization (“CIM-Industry 4.0”, sponsored by DFG). Martina Heßler is part of the program committee of the Priority Programme “The Digitalisation of Working Worlds. Conceptualising and Capturing a Systemic Transformation” (SPP 2267). She is working on the relationship of men and maschine in the working worlds.Martin Schmitt examined the changes in work processes and corporate structures caused by the introduction of computers and software in the banking industry. Karsten Uhl analyzed how the Union positioned themselves towards the computerization of the printing industry .

A second focus, which is closely linked to research on digitization, lies in the field of historical anthropology of technology. Here, the history of human-machine relations in the age of digitization is at the center, but it also looks at human-machine relations from the beginning of the early modern time (Martina Heßler ). Furthermore, philosophical-historical approaches shall help to reflect on the human factor in the digitized world of work (Kevin Liggieri ).