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Your interest: to receive a professional education in history. Our offer: a fascinating perspective on the past, starting from antiquity and going to modern times. Discover individual approaches in small groups. Find information on our study programmes, our charming city and on how to apply.

You are fascinated by history, but you don't know what to expect? TU Darmstadt offers a comprehensive history program that covers all epochs, with a particular focus on the modern period. Thus, you can pursue your individual interests during your studies and focus on disciplines such as the history of technology or environmental history , which are rarely available at other universities. We believe it is important to look at the past from a perspective of today – in Darmstadt, history has a relevance for the present. This opens up a wide range of career opportunities. . Find out more!

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Darmstadt: "City of Science" in a prosperous region

Darmstadt is a major hub of scientific institutions, universities, and high-technology companies, has a rich cultural heritage and is surrounded by beautiful nature. An important part of the Frankfurt Rhine-Main Metropolitan Region, the city has excellent transport connections. It's a great place in which to be, to live, to work and to study!

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Studying history in Darmstadt entails:

  • classes with relevance to current social debates
  • small study groups creating an excellent working atmosphere
  • experienced mentors who provide advice on study matters
  • excursions and stays abroad that are financially supported
  • cooperation with renowned institutions in the region (museums, archives, libraries), e.g. for internships

Job prospects and employability

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Mike Hofmann,
Managing Director of Melchers (Beijing) Ltd., China

It is breathtakingly interesting trying to make sense of the many fast changing processes in today's and yesterday's world by studying its political, economic, and social transformations. Studying history, you are offered the necessary tools to analyse numerous sources of all kind and form opinions based on that. You can't imagine a better start in a career in any possible direction.

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